When should my daughter have her first visit with a healthcare provider for gynecological health?

At Women's Wellness Center, we provide primary care for girls aged 7 and above. This allows pre-teen and adolescent girls to experience the specialized care that only a female-centered environment can provide.  Our Family Nurse Practitioners have a special interest in educating young women, to start them on the path of being proactive about their health.

A young woman's first routine visit with a healthcare provider to address gynecologic health should occur at around the age of 12 to 14. Usually, this initial visit involves a discussion about things like healthy lifestyle and prevention of problems. It's an educational visit, designed to put the young patient at ease in the environment under non-threatening circumstances. Then, if problems do arise during puberty and adolescence, your daughter has already established a relationship with her healthcare provider, so she will feel more comfortable during the visit.

It is recommended that the first gynecologic exam with Pap be scheduled at age 21, or earlier in some cases if the individual is sexually active. We feel it is important for women not to fear their annual gynecologic visit, so we are especially attentive to making that first exam a positive experience, no matter what the age of the patient. All of the providers at Women's Wellness Center provide counseling and examinations with the utmost in sensitivity.